Miva Star of the Week: Caleb Ojeabunlu Agaga

This week’s Miva Star is Caleb Ojeabunlu Agaga, a BSc Computer Science student who exemplifies the spirit of a lifelong learner! Caleb’s journey at Miva Open University is a story of pursuing knowledge, building connections, and embracing the flexibility of the Miva experience.

Caleb’s passion for the computer world led him to Miva. He saw Miva as an opportunity to enhance his knowledge in a rapidly evolving field. “Miva has provided me with computer knowledge I had no absolute idea of,” Caleb shared, expressing his enthusiasm for the programme.

Caleb stated that he sometimes studies at Miva’s Study Centres and this has reduced his data consumption. “Now that we have Miva study centres, it has helped me.” This highlights the importance of Miva’s commitment to providing a well-rounded learning experience that goes beyond online resources.

Beyond academics, Caleb is a man of many passions. From music and poetry to socializing and staying informed, his interests paint a picture of a well-rounded individual. He also enjoys playing sports, reading, and engaging in thoughtful discussions.

Caleb prefers to study independently but has built valuable academic friendships to support his learning journey. “I don’t belong to any study group,” he explains, “but I have built academic friendships with some certain students who I contact for understanding in areas I find difficult to understand.” This demonstrates his resourcefulness and eagerness to learn.

Caleb juggles his studies with other commitments and appreciates Miva’s flexibility, demonstrating the institution’s commitment to accessible education for busy individuals.

His favourite course is English, as he recognizes the importance of strong communication skills in his field. “In my field of business engagement and conversations, fluent English is the marketable language used in keeping the clients happy,” he explains.

When asked what he would say to a prospective student, Caleb enthusiastically shared, “I would say to that prospective student to kindly join the moving train as Miva is a ‘keep them guessing’ University. Whatever Miva reveals, it will surely be top-notch to enhance your knowledge, skills and everyday life.”

Caleb’s story is an inspiration to anyone seeking to further their education. It showcases the flexibility, diverse learning opportunities, and supportive community that Miva Open University offers. Are you ready to begin your educational journey? Visit www.miva.university and explore the endless possibilities that await you!

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