Miva Star of the Week: Success Letitsia-Samuel

Miva Star of the week

We had an insightful conversation with Success Letitsia-Samuel, the Miva Star of the Week, an example of resilience and determination. Success graciously shared insights into his academic journey, balancing work and studies, and his profound experience at Miva.

Reflecting on his decision to pursue further studies in public policy and administration (PPA) at Miva Open University, Success eloquently expressed his aspirations and motivations. “Watching my bosses make policies that have a favorable advantage for society, I had the urge to become one in the future,” he shared passionately. “Public policy gives that very platform to thrive in becoming a lawmaker/policymaker.

Success, a graduate of computer Science with a master’s in advanced linguistics and French studies, currently serves the government as a language translator and evaluation officer. His journey into public policy was fueled by his observations and desire to make a meaningful impact on society.

As a working student, Success navigates the intricate balance between work and studies with grace and gratitude for his support system. “Nothing good comes easy,” he emphasized, reflecting on the challenges he has encountered along the way. “I am privileged to have a professor as a mother, and she seems to be more excited that I am here and also doing what I have constantly spoken to her of desiring for myself. I am grateful I still have her to cheer me up amid times when it looks impossible.

Success attributes much of his success to his mother’s unwavering support and the guidance of his mentors at Miva. “I have one of the best looking after me as a success advisor. Mr. Enoch Israel is part of my support system and the day I got assigned to him as my success advisor, I can tell you that before any challenge arises, he is always on top of all of them,” he expressed, his appreciation evident in his words.

Studying online at Miva Open University has been a seamless experience for Success, thanks to the institution’s innovative learning experience and dedicated support. “I really don’t have any challenges thus far,” he remarked, praising the efforts of the ICT department. “For challenges I’ve encountered, I won’t call them challenges anymore. I am grateful to be in this institution, I just can’t put into words my excitement.”

Success’s study pattern reflects his disciplined approach to learning, allocating specific times for study sessions during weekdays and dedicating longer hours on weekends for research and engagement with course materials and the faculty. “I have access to literally everything I need to make studying fun for me,” he shared enthusiastically.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Success finds solace in physical fitness, culinary adventures, and music. “When I’m not in my house, I am to be found at the gym,” he shared, highlighting his passion for sports. “I also love to discover restaurants and indulge in music and entertainment.”

Success Letitsia-Samuel’s journey at Miva Open University serves as a testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence. As he continues to thrive academically and professionally, Success remains grateful for the transformative opportunities afforded to him at Miva Open University. 

Success’s message for future Miva learners:

“I know you are thinking whether you are making the right choice with MIVA, I just want you to know that you are not alone, I was once at that threshold where I am lost in thought with choices, but dear, let me tell you in a nutshell, my journey after taking the leap of faith with MIVA, it has been nothing but amazing. Being someone that is experienced with international schools and it’s environments, having access to faculty staffs which is a major determining factor for having seamless studies is what MIVA is known for. What I found in MIVA isn’t found anywhere in this country. I won’t say much, come and have the experience yourself, what it means to study in an institution that has a standard for excellence.” 

His story is an inspiration to aspiring students, highlighting the transformative power of education and the unwavering support of a nurturing academic community.

Are you ready to embark on your journey of academic excellence and personal growth? Follow in Success Letitsia-Samuel’s footsteps and join the vibrant community at Miva Open University. 

Enrol today at www.miva.university and discover the endless possibilities for learning, growth, and success at Miva. 

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