Vice Chancellor’s Examination and Goodwill Message to Miva Students

Dear Students,

As the semester’s examinations approach, I would like to emphasise the significance of thorough preparation for your success. Remember, preparation is the key to success. Invest in your studies for academic achievement and personal growth. Consider these key points.

Early Planning: Start preparing early to comprehensively review materials and avoid stress from procrastination.

Organise Study Materials: Break down your syllabus, create a schedule, and organise your materials for effective progress tracking.

Utilise Resources: Take advantage of your LMS, office hours, live classes, self-study on Canvas, and faculty reach out.

Regular Practise: Engage in practice with your continuous assessments and any questions that may have been solved during the class.

Maintain well-being: Prioritise physical and mental health. Get enough sleep and maintain a balanced diet.

Seek support: If overwhelmed, talk to your classmates, your success advisor, your lecturers, and the university guidance counsellor for emotional well-being and effective study.

Believe in Yourself: Confidence is crucial. Remind yourself of your hard work and approach examinations with a positive mindset focused on success.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can talk about your concerns and help you develop a plan to get through this.

We know that you are capable of great things, and we wish you the best in your examinations.

Best regards,

Prof. Tayo Arulogun

Vice Chancellor

Miva Open University

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