Miva Star of the Week: David Nuhu

Miva Star of the week

This week’s Miva Star is all about David Nuhu, a first-year Cybersecurity student, residing in Abuja. In an exclusive conversation with David in our online community, we delved into his world, and let’s just say, he’s an inspiration.

David is not your average student. He’s not just hitting the books; he’s diving headfirst into everything Miva offers and every aspect of school life, whether it’s in-person or virtual, academic or extracurricular. He says the flexibility is what drew him to Miva, and Cybersecurity became his jam because of a cool branch called “Cyber Forensics.”

Believe it or not, online learning isn’t a challenge for David. He says, “It has been great studying without having to be in the classroom physically. It was surprising at that time to know that someone could actually study online and get a degree, but here I am doing the same too.” 

When David isn’t conquering the world of cybersecurity, he’s capturing its beauty through photography.  He did mention that one of the things that sparked his passion for photography was how natural phenomena happen. In his words, “one will be experiencing a moment that really cannot be recreated, which makes me one to capture every moment.

Here’s where things get interesting: David’s passion for photography spills over into his cybersecurity studies! He’s fascinated by forensic photography— those special pictures used in crime scenes to analyze evidence.

David’s a big believer in finding your own study groove. While study groups are awesome, he prefers to fly solo with his unique methods.  He says he tackles courses with PDFs alongside the lecture video, even splitting his screen to maximize his learning. Bonus tip: David jots down notes from the introductory videos, saving him tons of time and energy. This is something you might want to try.

Speaking of favorites, David gave a shout out to his favorite lecturer, Professor Akinola Olayinka. As for his favorite course? Practical physics—because who doesn’t love a bit of hands-on experimentation?

Now, you might think studying online means missing out on making friends, but not for David. He’s found a crew of classmates who’ve become great friends.

David’s message for future Miva learners out there:

“Honestly, Miva is the right place to get a degree, no stress, no extra fees, no cultism…. Get Miva Get Moving!”

Ready to kickstart your journey into the world of Cybersecurity? Join David and other passionate learners at Miva Open University, your gateway to a brighter future!

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