Miva Star of the Week: Grace Tyozenda

We had the pleasure of conversing with Grace Tyozenda, our Miva Star of the Week, a dedicated student of Public Health at Miva Open University. Grace shared her inspiring journey, highlighting her passion for health, her seamless experience with online learning, and her commitment to making a difference in the medical field.

Grace’s decision to study Public Health was driven by her extensive experience in the medical profession and her desire to focus on prevention and awareness. “I chose Public Health because I have been in the medical profession for quite a long time now, and have practiced for a while. I observed there is a niche to cover in the aspect of health, such as prevention and awareness creation. Prevention is better than cure,” she explained.

Embracing online education has been a smooth transition for Grace, as it allows her to balance her work and studies efficiently. “I see it as an avenue to try something different and expand my horizon. Studying online has given me the opportunity to do other things I enjoy without letting the other behind. So far, I’m enjoying every step of it,” she shared.

Grace’s passion extends beyond her studies. She finds joy in interacting with other students and participating in innovative learning opportunities at Miva. “I love the fact that Miva always creates an avenue for us to learn something innovative. I’m really impressed because I’m in a place where I love to grasp every opportunity that provides knowledge,” she said enthusiastically.

Balancing work as a medical laboratory technician and her studies, Grace focuses on her coursework during her off days and enjoys night studies when she can assimilate information better. Her favorite courses include Biology, Public Health Informatics, and Introduction to Public Health, which resonate with her due to her familiarity with the topics.

Grace also shared her hobbies, which include learning something new, spending time with family, reading, exploring the microscopic world, and enjoying alone time. She describes herself as an ambivert, continuously exploring and discovering new hobbies.

Grace had a heartfelt message for prospective students considering Miva: “I would say Miva is an embodiment of innovation and a breeding ground for excellence. It’s a place filled with creative minds and Intellects. Starting from the visioner and everyone helping in his Dream in whatever capacity. And personally, I like to surround myself with such an atmosphere of erudite who are driven by vision and willing to impact back to the society. So what other place would be if not Miva that has your success at heart? Join the moving train that will take you to a place of purpose.”

Grace Tyozenda’s journey at Miva Open University exemplifies dedication, passion, and the pursuit of excellence. Her story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring students, showcasing the transformative power of education and the supportive community at Miva.

Are you ready to embark on your journey of academic excellence and personal growth? Follow in Grace Tyozenda’s footsteps and join the vibrant community at Miva Open University. Enroll today at www.miva.university and discover the endless possibilities for learning, growth, and success at Miva.

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