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Masterclass with Sim Shagaya, Chancellor Miva Open University and founder of The uLesson Group

Don't miss this transformative event where Sim Shagaya will unravel the secrets behind the successful execution of ideas. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, this masterclass is your key to unlocking the next level of success. Secure your spot now and embark on a journey of innovation, execution, and achievement!

Are you brimming with innovative ideas but unsure about the next steps? Join us for an insightful Masterclass, themed “I Have an Idea, What Next? (The Art of Execution),” with Sim Shagaya, The Chancellor of Miva Open University and Founder of the uLesson Group where he will unravel the secrets behind turning your ideas into reality.

Join this webinar to;

  • Learn about the intricacies of turning your innovative ideas into actionable plans. Gain profound insights into the art of execution, drawing from Sim’s experiences in building and scaling successful businesses.
  • Learn how to navigate the challenges commonly faced during the execution phase of a startup. Sim will share practical strategies and lessons learned, providing you with a roadmap to overcome obstacles and achieve your entrepreneurial goals.
  • Engage directly with Sim Shagaya during an interactive Q&A session. This is a unique opportunity to seek personalized advice, clarify doubts, and gain valuable insights tailored to your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Walk away with actionable strategies and a renewed sense of motivation. Sim will share practical tips and methodologies to help you build a solid foundation for your startup and increase your chances of success.

About the Speaker: 

Sim Shagaya is the Chancellor of Miva Open University and Founder and Group CEO of the uLesson Group comprising Miva and uLesson Education, which in 2023 was ranked #1 on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

He is the founder and former CEO of Konga, one of West Africa’s largest e-commerce platforms and the founder of E-Motion Advertising, a leading out-of-home media company. 

A serial entrepreneur with an illustrious career that includes working as a banker at Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa and becoming Google’s Head for Africa, Sim was named in Forbes’ list of 10 Most Powerful Men in Africa. 

Sim trained as an electrical engineer at George Washington University and Dartmouth College where he received Bachelors and Masters respectively. He also earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School. 

Saturday, February 3
– Saturday, February 3, 2024
11:00 AM
– 12:00 PM
Physical, Online

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